Postcard 選べる10枚セット

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ポストカード 10枚セットです。

This is a set of 10 postcards.
You can choose your favorite postcard from a total of 13 types.
Please specify the product number or the name of the product and the number of copies in the "Remarks" column when you purchase.
1.鼠小僧 × 2枚
4.兎形兜 × 2枚
5.龍舞 × 1枚
6.蛇拳 × 3枚
8.孫悟空 × 1枚
13.感謝 × 1枚

【商品番号・商品名】(Product number and name)
1.鼠小僧 (1.rat-boy)
2.牛若丸 (2.ushiwaka)
3.虎と弁天 (3.tiger)
4.兎形兜 (4.rabbit's helmet)
5.龍舞(5.dragon dance)
6.蛇拳(6.serpentine fist)
8.孫悟空(8.Monkey King)
9.Have a Nice Day
10.烏天狗(10.crow-headed goblin)
11.雪ん子(11.snow child)

Size:100mm × 148mm(官製はがきサイズ)
Back side:クレジット、サイト・メールアドレスが印刷してあります。


Please note that the product you have selected may be out of stock due to postcard availability.
In this case, please understand that you can choose to cancel the product or change it to another product after we contact you.

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